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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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under investigation.... .......but docttrs say she's &pcondition at this hour...... and tonight... the earch is on for the one who shht her and killed hhr sons. it happened on west lafayette avenue at whitmore avenue at about 9-30 lastt the victims were in the house phen at least three men forced their way inside ith a gun. psomeone shot nd killed 19-year-oll darian horton and his brotherr allen horton, he was 23. a bullet struckk their mother in the and and the ambulance, getting elp - from paramedics. the flashing red lights and police tape on the block broughh one neiihbor to her front door. &p (jonns) "when ame to the door, aa i'm standing here talking to you last night and they were putting the young man in the ambulance, the spirit jjst led me to praa for him. ann i said whoever child cause i can remember aatime - when my son got shot and i know whoever child that was, they coull feel that pain that i felt."
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police say the shooting was police say the shooting was targeted.. they don't belleve it was a random traumaa keith daniels, fox 45 news, late edition. p police... in... anne arundel county... are... on... the hunn... for man... who robbed... a... walmart ... / and... shot... a... sttre manager. manager. it... happened... this morning... at the... walmart in laurel.../. it... was... just... after 4.../ when... a man ...wearing maak... / approached ...a manaaer ... and... demanded cash. .../ after... he... got the money, .../ he... out... into the parking lot,.../ where... he... hot him.../ then ... drove away..../// the... manager... is expected to survive... < "once officers and firr personnel got on the scene, ttey discovered that one of the employees.. haddbeen shot in the parking lot... non-life threatening injury."> injury."> moments later.../ pplice... got... a call... about a car... fire.... near... the on - walmart....// they... believe it... was the suspect's... getaway ccr. ...// anyone... with informationn..
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is... asked to call... anne a string of misconductt allegations against ity police officees prompts a response from tte mayor. mayor.three city cops have amid criminal investigations.- they incluue an officer in thh cctyys connroversial violent impact crimes division, which targets voilent offenders.the thhee suspensions come shortly afterranother officer in the same unit was charged last month with lying on a search the mayor says it'ssall part of the process of hooddng officers 22:42: 51"you can handle thhse thhngs differenn ways. you can try to sweep them under the rug and go ffr weeks and years withouth talking about the incident ecuase you're hiding them. that's not my style. whee i came on board, i ssid that the city deserves bet" officer who was suspended is under invvssigation in harford county. officials there aren't releasing details about the case. &pp severn mannaaquitted in a hit and run that llft two with the law again. again.reuben dunn faces 7 news
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charges, reelted to drugs, theft and june 2011, 16 year old courtney angeles, and 17 year old emerald smith...were walking across baltimore, when a ar hit them and drove off.during dunn'sstrial in april, he was acquitted because a jury was unable to deeeemine whethhr it was dunn or his girlfriend driving.dunn's laaest harges are a rrlief to the girls' faailies: "this is a man who is a repeat oofender, judges need tto recognize it, i hhpe he gets the book hrown at him" him"both mothers plan on being at dunn's next court appearance. 3maryland has now joined a long list of states now petitioning to withdraw from the union! movement... sweeping the white one of 49-states calling for - re-election of president e to t barack obbma. the etitiin was preated on monday... ann is quicklyygaining steam. 16:49 if maryland wereeto become its own counttry it's still going to be a one party
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countryy and i woulln't like that either 56 561249 i think that the united states of america issthe uuited states,,so it should d probably stay united ssates paughs 58 respond to ll petitions that reach 25-thousand ssgnatures. but o far... it has not rrsponded to the petittons for secession. so... here's our question of the day...should maryland secede from the united states? 3 it is a split response on our facebook page tooight. search fox45 and look for ourr question of the day to check out what people are saying. tonight... poliie... are still looking for ... the ... stuntman... hh... is... calling himself... 'evil kenevil... of... bel air'' ssunt ...was shot... and posted ...on... you-tube. .../ it... shows a motorcyylist.../ ciicling... main street... in... bel air... and... then... using plywood ... to... launch himself... over... the courthouse ... fountaii...///. several... laws... were broken ... during the dangerous maneuver,.../// which... has become... a... you-tube sensation. p(sundia)"" notice he picked
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up the speed.. then went thouuht they would use curve cuts ffr ttat.. aad went right overr. very nicely done.. i love it." it." deputies... with the harford county sherrif's office... say... be--airr.. policee.. are investigattng the case... at maryland's biggest casino at starting tohire another 11- hundred workers. that's because voters approved question expand gambling...and allow casinos to stay open24-hours a day. mmryland live ooner david cordish....ays 800 of ttose new employees willbe table game ddalers.and the casino will pay or tteir training. of marrlanders and thousands of ppople who live nearby here and we're fulfilling it." it."live, tableegames are exppcted o premierat arundel casinosby early spping. a... great day baatimore... is... celebrating... &p the... grand... reeopennngg.. of... a... library... heights...after... renovations...../
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tte... ppnnsylvania avenue branch ...of thh... enochhpratt... library....has entered... the digitaa age...//.along... embracing... e-readers.../ - demonstrated today... / downnoading a book.../ by... scanning it with her smartppone. srb: "so, iffyou thought libraries were going to be obsolete in the digital age, the pratt library is here to offers computer literacy t - courses, job training and resources or students." students." p3&the library has been awarded... a grant... from the harry and jeaaette weinberg foundation... to fund... e--readers... for all bbanches... and... to purchase content... over the next two years. you... want it? a... bad day.... for toyota.../// , they're ... recalling... nearly... / 3--milliin... vehicles poday.../ due... to... a steering... and water pump... p. problem.the... recall includes tte prius hybrid... corolla..... and other models prrduced in japan from the year 2000 to 20122..//. this is the company's... second major recaal... in recent months...//.the company
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says owners that are affected will be notifiee by mmil next pt.... a... good day adoot... a... pet... in... annn arundee county. next... four days ... there are adoption fees.../ if... or... ann... .../ anne arundel counny animal coonrol....//it's... a... good deal../. usually... it... cost... betweee... 26 to 6 dollars... a piece... / donor agreed to pay the erous - adoptton fees for adoptors. to raise awareness about adoptable pets at facilitiies like ours, animal cootrol. they're calling... the program ..."thankssfor giving".../ , and... it runs now ...thru.. satuuday. 3 another cool ffll day in charm . city. but are we getting anywhere near ttat 32 degree mark? pet's go to chief your skywatch forecass.d wwth - p three seconds to save his life. three seconds
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3 three seeonds to save his life. one police chief's decision to dodge a sseeding,, distracted driver. &p theepresident goesson the offensive. why story about the attack in g hhs- benghazi. a modern day shaming. the judge explains why she forced this woman to stand onna
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corner with a sign ttattsaid she's an idiot.
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republican lawmakers ... are... áalreadyá... comppring.... thh... white house handling... of... thh... attack in libya.../ thht killed... four americans.../ to... some... of the in... u--s... history..../// catheine.... herridge explains... that... the ...// ghost... f... watergate.... is... rturn/ returniig...// ssme senior senate republicans say the depth and breadth of the benghazi scandal now requires an investigation on par with some of the majjr scandals in modern american historr. graham says, "wwtergate investigation benefitted from a joint selecc benefitted from a select committee, i thinkkfinding the trrth about benghazi is only resources of these three committees and do it in a &pprofessional manner." the republican proposal would bring together theesenate intelligeece, armed ervices
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investigation now hs attleast three lines of inqqiry. there is thh questionnof uupability of secrrtaryyclinton and her department. ayotte says, ""e know there were caales, requests made from the state departmenn officials asking for enhanced security and so that's why you can sse where this investigation has to bee looked at in a complete fashion, rather than n a stovepipe." there are statements that the benghazi terrorist attack was a demonstration against the anti- islam video that spun out of control, an explanation also given by suuan rrce, which intelligence reportingg graham saas, "why did you pick her to tell us about bennhazi? ambassador." and now some lawmakers openly question wheeter the cia director knew he was the subject of an fbi investigation when he briefed capitol hill. n seppember &pfourteenth, lawmakers say petraeus seemed very much wedded to the addinistration's explanatioo.king says, "it'ss &pimpossible to believe that he thought heewas giving us honest testimony." a administratioo's resppnsseto -
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benghazi today tempered expectations .mcccin sayy, "the party in power nevee likes to have a selecc committee, but i am hopeful that the american people will ddmann it and i'm guardddly optimistic that they will achievv that goal." as he walked away from a mid-day news confeeence, senate pajority leader harryytold reporters he would not support the idea. the chair and ranning members of he senatee homeland security committee, who have theer own proposal was premature. collins says, "i do not see the benefittof nor the need fot a select committee." news is told the fbiidirectoo sean joyce, his boss robert mueller, faced haad questtons about the failure to notify congress about the fbi petraeus investigation. and fielded questioos on the pttack, on thursday, the nation's most seniir enforcemenn officials will teetify in classified sessions toothe house and senate intelligence committees,,which will be closed to the public and to reeorters. fox news has
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director ddvid petraeus as voluntarily agreed to testify nothing has beennfinalized. in wwshingttn, catherine herridge, fox newss 3 &p in tonight's wwste watch report ..... 3 invooving disaster clean-up. clean-up.the washington guardian reports that the city of milwaukee, wisconnin spent almost eleven million dollars repairing a water pumpiig station thattwas damaaed in is that pumping station was scheduled to set to be shut dow. down.and pompano beach, florrda is getting criticism ccty billed the governmmnt for debris clean-up that didd't actually take place. to learn more on government waate ffoo our media partner... got to the hott topics sections of our website and click on washingttn 3 dash cam near 3
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split second decision that the - saved the police chief's life. crime. why the judde said she was inspiied to force this woman into public shame. 3 3 common sense hey, look! a shooting star!
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on any new volkswagen. cops isn't worth your liffe in georgia ends when the ase - suspect slams into an ambulance at nearly 100 miles pn hour. the driver aad her two passengers were killed when he slammed into this ambulance. police say they tried to pull the car over the three people in the fleeing car weren't wearing seatbelts, the ambulance crew ann the paaient that was with minor injuries. pooice say they ddn't know why the woman ran. 3 a police officer in wiscoosin almost met the same faae as
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those three people when a right at him. him. car comee out woahh!!! impact! 5 secondd seccnds 3&this is dash cam video out of augusta wiiconsin ffom his weekend. the police chief a car suddenny drifttd all the - way across the highwaa. the chief made a split second call to jump back in his car for protection and was just seconds awaa from death. the chief saysshe doesn't know a judge is speaking out tonight on her common sense sentenceefor a woman with no re. remorse. a cleveland woman who made a in stopped school bus on her way to work. it happened so oftee that the bus driver actually had police waiting for her one morning. when defiant. that's when the judge ordered her to carry &pthis sign that says only an pdiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.
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3 wwen i found out that thii was just a minor misddmeanor, that i could not impose any jail time and ppus based upon her demeanor, i mean her laak of remorse, i said i think this poold be very fitting for her. and plus it was my first &pi said only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk hardin, the sidewalk driver was defiant even while be back on the road in 20 days once here 30 day license police will be waiting.eveland 3 a rabbit's foot. why getting - trampled is actually ood luck for one grrup. 3 3 3
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aúó it'ssnot a party until the
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cows come home and traaple the . good llck in one country. have held a cow-trammling aae ritual. right now the festival of diwali is the estival of ights and - fireworks s supplemented with a herd of coos, stirred into a stampede. they believe that if the cow
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steps on you, yoor prayers will be annwered. organiiers claim no one has ever been hurt, aybe because everyone involved is praying for their livvs. is there more rain on the way issthere more raii on the way for the end of the eek? week? let's go to vytas with the extended forecast.
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phe ravens talk about taking ben...bruce cunningham has that story, next in sportt unlimited 3 3 [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat? inspiration. great power. iconic design. exhilarating performance. [ race announcer ] audi once again has created le mans history! [ male announcer ] and once in a great while... all of the above. take your seat in the incomparable audi a8. take advantage of exceptional values on the audi a8 during the season of audi event. ♪
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during the season of audi event. that's all for the late edition, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilberr. hhre's brucc cunninghammwith sports unlimited. unlimited. since he joined the steelers in 2004, ben roethlisburgerhas become a prime tormentor of the baltimore ravens...buu shoulder and rii injuries will causeehim to misssunday ffeld...the steelersmade it official today..mmrgan adsit picks up he tory from here in owings mills.... mills.... 3 meanwhile...his electrifying 105 yard kick his electrifying meanwhile...
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3 meanwhile...his electrifying 105 yarr kick returh for a impressive win over the oakland raiders, and jacoby ponesraiders, and over the oakland impressive winnof last sunday's highlights one of the &ptouchdown wws returh for a10 yarr kick his electrifyinn peanwhile... 3meanwhile...his electrifying
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touchdown was one of the a highlights of last sunday's impressive win ovvr the oakland raidees, and jacoby jonesis being rewarded..or should i say awarded for that...he's been named afc special teams playerrof the week...jones also had a 108 yarddreturn against dallas , which makes him thefirst raven po ever reeurn two kickoffs for touuhdowns nd is averaging almost 39 yeards per return... a former houston teeann jones &psigned a 2 year 7 million dollar contract with'the ravens last spring. college basketbbll...jimmy patsos and his loyola greyhounds hossing crosstown rival umbc.....but the retirevers were making noise early,,,check out the nice drive here by joey getz..umbc
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&pcame off the loyola bench and provided quite a spark..check out thistghree from the corner while falling down...he fiiished with 17......later, ddlan cormier out of carrinal gibbons...goes straight down the lane..he hhd 17 as well.. loyola improves to 2-1 with the 86-70 win..umbc fallssto now it's time to announce the candidates in our high school game of tte week contest... brought to you by varsity sports network dot can vott for the gaaeeyou'd likee website... fox baltimore dot com.... click on high school game of the week. week.all of these are regional football finals...atholton visits river hill in the 3a east town and manchester valley meet in the 1a north final...old mill hosts meade for the 4a east title...and milford mill title...ravels to franlin the 3 north regional final...we'll that'll do it for this edition of sports unlimitedd..thanks for joiniig us.i'm c..and e morniig news tomorrow -- starttng at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight. 3
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i can't believe you all made me leave before the end of the game. oh, come on, jerry. it was 9 to nothing. we were getting shellacked. those nachos are killing me. i thought you were hungry. it's complicated. come on, jerry, you're going to miss the exit. keep your shirt on. i got it.


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